A Series of Sit-uations

Dimensions Variable [Series of 4] Used chairs, spray foam, matte medium, paper, various fibers, & found objects 2012 A Series of Sit-uations is a set of four used-chairs manipulated in different ways with various materials. Each chair represents a specific way in which women have been viewed or have been treated by men. These are the four ways addressed within this work: woman as sex, woman as wife, woman as roadkill, and woman as victim. Sabine (alter ego of the artist) takes it upon herself to express to the viewer how she feels about this treatment of women and thus creates A Series of Sit-uations with these chairs. Each piece is accompanied by a framed photograph, shelf, and outfit. The shelf and outfit are props meant to compliment the environment that Sabine has created with each of her chairs in the photograph. A Series of Sit-uations is ultimately a documented performance piece of Sabine and her four chairs.

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